yamaha sy 85

yamaha sy 85yamaha sy 85yamaha sy 85
Workstation Yamaha SY 85, del 1992, perfettamente funzionante, tranne l'unità floppy da revisionare. Tutti i manuali e floppy disk originali. Custodia rigida compresa. Preferibile consegna a mano.


? AWM2 Tone Generator System 2nd-generation Advanced Wave Memory (AWM2) technology delivers

dazzling, true-to-life sound with 30-note polyphony.

? Large-capacity Waveform ROM A large 6-megabyte waveform ROM provides plenty of capacity for top-

quality samples.

? Expandable Waveform RAM The SY85 comes supplied with 512 kilobytes of waveform RAM that can

be used to load extra waveforms from a supplied waveform disk or disks from other sources. Up to 3-megabytes additional RAM can be installed for dramati- cally increased capacity.

? 256 Voices and 128 Performance Combinations 4 internal memory banks hold 256 individual voices. Voices can be played

individually, or up to four voices can be combined and “layered” to form as many as 128 performance combinations.

? Advanced Digital Filters Programmable digital filters allow the SY85 sound to be tailored as re-

quired. The filters also feature a resonance parameter equivalent to that found on the SY77 and SY99.

? Top-quality Effects The basic quality of the SY85 voices is further enhanced by a range of

programmable effects offering quality rivalling some of the finest separate signal processing systems — these are essentially the same effects that enhance the musical impact of the SY99.

? Extensive Real-time Control In addition to the pitch and modulation wheels, and dual output level con-

trols, the SY85 has 8 slide controls that can be used to control a range of parameters while performing for unmatched expressive power.

? Easy Editing Interface 8 function keys and slide controls below the large 40-character x 2-line

LCD display allow direct selection and control of the parameters appearing directly above them in the display for efficient, intuitive editing. A 5x5 mode selection matrix further enhances operation

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